Survey Collection


YaraConnect is a loyalty program app that lets dealers collect points when they purchase Yara products. The points can be used to redeem rewards and discount coupons.


The marketing team is updating the database and needs the dealers to review and add their personal and shop information within the app.

As an incentive, we will be giving out points once the dealers filled out their information.


I worked with the Digital Performance Manager to create a survey to collect the dealers’ information. To guide users to complete the survey, I was responsible for writing:

  • Push notifications – To inform dealers about the free points giveaway
  • Dialog – To let users know they have to complete a survey to earn points
  • Confirmation message – To ask users whether the information is correct and if they’re ready to proceed
  • Success message – To let users know they’ve completed the survey and will be rewarded points accordingly


I started by creating a task flow to determine the touchpoints for user interaction.

Task flow for the user survey

The first touchpoint will be the push notification, where we let users know that they can earn points for free.

The second touchpoint will be the in-app dialog that asks whether users would like to participate in the survey.

  • If they choose to proceed, they’ll be directed to the personal and shop details surveys
  • If they choose not to proceed, they can continue using the app, but a reminder push notification will be sent to ask them again later

The third touchpoint is the confirmation message, which will allow users to confirm if the information entered is correct, and give them a chance to go back and edit the survey.

The final touchpoint is the success message, which will let users know they’ve completed the survey and will earn points at a certain period of time.


UI components for survey collection

1. Push notification

Since we’re giving away points for free, I think getting users excited about the idea is important and will encourage them to tap the notification to learn more.

My headline briefly and clearly lets the user know that points are offered to them. For the body, I wanted to be transparent that users will have to fill out a survey to claim the points.

2. In-app dialog

This is a decision dialog that users can choose whether or not they want to give their information.

I don’t want to sound too pushy, so I chose a friendly, conversational tone but also emphasized the benefits of filling out the survey, and reassure users that it’ll take minimal effort on their part.

3. Confirmation message

Mistakes can happen when users fill out a form, despite all the error messages displayed on the form fields. This is why it’s important to give users a chance to double-check their information.

I used clear, concise language in the header and for the CTA buttons, I chose words that make it clear what will happen when users click on each button.

4. Success message

This shows the user that they completed the survey and can expect points to be added to their account after my team verified the information.

I used positive language to thank the user and in the body, I made it very clear when they can expect to get the points.


This survey will run for 3 months. We plan to achieve 80% survey completion rate and will adjust the push notifications and dialog messages after we see the first month’s results.